You ARE on Facebook, Right?

I was going to title this, “Social Media for People Who Don’t Like Social Media,” but that was too wishy-washy. Here’s the deal. If you own a business website these days, you MUST have a social media presence to show people you are serious about your services or product or whatever it is you’re selling.

This is the thing: Today – like it or not – “everyone” is on Facebook.

Yeah, I know – technically NOT everyone is on Facebook. There are hold-outs. But, unless you are running a gas station on a busy exit on the interstate where you’re going to get traffic and business whether you want to or not, you probably need to have a social media presence.

Typically, what I work with when it comes to getting my clients up to speed with this is helping them get a Facebook page, Twitter account, YouTube channel, Pinterest account, Trip Advisor/Yelp accounts, Instagram, and any other similar properties – depending on what types of services they are offering.

Now, not every service needs Pinterest, for example. If you are an accountant, how many exciting “Pins” can you honestly post when it comes to your services? If it doesn’t have to do with the best brownies on the planet, or an accountant’s view of breaking down the budget for MAKING the best brownies on the planet, I wouldn’t put Pinterest as your highest priority.

But, when it comes to Yelp, you would be well advised indeed to have a presence! Especially if you have happy, satisfied clients.

The same goes for Facebook. I personally see people requesting recommendations for this, that and the other thing DAILY. So, let’s say you live in Fort Lauderdale, and you want to be known as the BEST accountant around. You can have your Facebook page up and running, and then when your clients (most of whom are going to be on Facebook) see others in the area asking for a recommendation on a good, trustworthy accountant, they can simply recommend you right there and then by posting your page for people to see.

Great Things You Can Do

You can do some cool things with social accounts that will make you look like a hero in your area while helping others as you get your name out there! For example, at Trick or Treat time, you could post a promotion that says, “Hey parents! Bring the kiddies over to Best Fort Lauderdale Accounting, Inc on Halloween, and not only will you get a treat, but you’ll be entered into my contest to win a FREE financial consultation on (whatever it is you want to promote)!”

Or, “Like my page and you’ll be entered to receive a free tax return!”

“The Hurricane may have passed, but we know that a lot of you still don’t have power. We have power, and are opening our doors for the community to come in, charge up your devices, get some fresh water…etc etc…”

You get the idea.

Now, while we can get you set up with these types of accounts, and help brand them for you, you can either choose to post content to them on your own or in-house, or you can hire us to manage them for you. Either way is fine.

But, the biggest thing is that you really need to get it done one way or another.

You’ll thank us later!